An Historic San Francisco Venue

Here's a listing of upcoming events at Marines' Memorial Theatre:

9/27 Tue 6:30pm
The Commonwealth Club:
Robert Reich

9/30 Fri 8pm
Under Armour presents

10/1 Sat 8pm
3 For All
20th Anniversary Show

10/6 Thu 6pm
Honor Our Fallen
A Tribute Concert

10/10 Mon 6:30pm
#Girlboss Sophia Amoruso

10/20 Thu 6:30pm
Partnering for a Peaceful Solution
to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

10/21 Fri 12pm
McKibben and Tamminen:
Disruptive Climate and Politics

10/21 Fri 8pm
NPR Pop Culture

11/1 Tue 5:30pm
GPS Lecture:
Gen. Joseph F. Dunford

11/2 Wed 7pm
Ignite SF #12

11/4 Fri 7:30pm
11/5 Sat 10am
Humanities West:
Vienna on the Verge

11/12 Sat 6pm
241st Marine Corp
Birthday Ball

11/23 Wed 8pm
Carl Barron
Drinking with a Fork

2/24/17 Fri 7:30pm
2/25/17 Sat 10am
Humanities West:
Wanderlust: The Vikings

5/5/17 Fri 7:30pm
5/6/17 Sat 10am
Humanities West:
Cleopatra: The Last Pharaoh