An Historic San Francisco Venue

Here's a listing of upcoming events at Marines' Memorial Theatre:

2/21 Tue 6:30pm
George P. Shultz
2/24 Fri 9am
Gold Star Parents

2/24 Fri 7:30pm
2/25 Sat 10am
Humanities West:
Wanderlust: The Vikings

3/5 Sun 12pm
3/13 Mon 6:30pm
World Affairs Council:
Gen. Michael Hayden

3/15 Wed 7pm
Designing Your Life
3/17 Fri 7pm
Stand Up Leandro Hassum
(in Portuguese)

3/25 Sat 8pm
Miss Paula West

March 31 -
April 16, 2017
4/18 Tue 6:30pm
Krista Tippett
4/20 Thu 7pm

Cleopatra’s Lament
and Other Lost Operas

April 21-30, 2017
Men Are From Mars,
Women Are From Venus, LIVE!


5/5 Fri 7:30pm
5/6 Sat 10am
Humanities West:
Cleopatra: The Last Pharaoh

May 7-10, 2017
5/12 Fri 6pm
Salute to Vietnam Veterans
5/20 Sat 8pm
Stephen Lynch
6/10 Sat 6:30pm

Summer of Love:
San Francisco, 1967

6/22 Thur
Miss & Mr. Safe Latino