Marines' Memorial Theatre Accessibility

If you will be staying in a wheelchair, we recommend contacting the event's box office directly to purchase a wheelchair accessible location. Please let the box office staff know if you will be staying in your wheelchair and need the theatre seat(s) removed to make an open space. The following Orchestra locations are suitable for a wheelchair:


These are the seats removed to create a single wheelchair space

These are non-removable, reserved companion seats

Orchestra Left

B3 & B5


Orchestra Left

M1 & M3


Orchestra Center

M101 & M102


Orchestra Right



Orchestra Right

M2 & M4


If you purchase any of the wheelchair accessible locations and want the seats installed so you can sit in them (rather than in a wheelchair, etc), please let the box office staff know this ahead of time. We can then ensure they are installed when you arrive.

If you plan on transferring from your wheelchair to a theatre seat, any of the aisle seats in Orchestra should be suitable. For greater convenience, the following Orchestra seats have arm rests which can be raised out of the way: C101, C114, E101, E114, G1, G2.

Due to the historical nature of the building, there is no elevator access to the balcony seating.

Accessible restrooms are located off the orchestra-level lobby and also on floor 10M.

Elevator Access to Orchestra Level

The theatre lobby and orchestra entrance are located on the 2nd floor of the hotel. Please enter the hotel lobby and take the center or right-hand elevator to get access to the 2nd floor.  The left-hand elevator does not stop on our floor.