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Humanities West: Blues, Jazz, and Rock'n'Roll

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01 Thu Feb 2018

Humanities West: Blues, Jazz, and Rock'n'Roll

Humanities West: Blues, Jazz, and Rock'n'Roll

Thursday, February 1, 2018 at 7:30pm
Marines' Memorial Theatre, 2nd Floor
609 Sutter Street, San Francisco 

In collaboration with the Berkeley-based CA Jazz Conservatory the only accredited, stand-alone conservatory devoted to jazz studies in the United States.

Blues, Jazz, and Rock ‘n’ Roll: An Evening with Robert Greenberg, the Erik Jekabson Quartet & John Santos. An extraordinary offshoot of the otherwise horrific institution of slavery was the synthesis of African and European music in the melting pot of North America. This synthesis created a dazzling array of utterly unique musical genres, among them, the Spiritual, Blues, Ragtime, Jazz, and Rock ‘n’ Roll. Starting with West African music, we will observe the development and evolution of the African-American Spiritual, Blues and the emergence of Ragtime. We will pay special attention to the “birth” of Jazz in the amazing multi-racial, multi-ethnic city of New Orleans, and the role of the New Orleans native Louis Armstrong in the advent and popularization of jazz in the 1920s. From there, we’ll trace through the development of “Swing” in the 1930s, “Bebop” in the 1940s; and post-WWII youth culture and the advent of Rock & Roll in the 1950s, itself a harbinger of the Civil Rights and Youth movements of the 1960s.

HUMANITIES WEST transports you across time and around the globe for colorful perspectives on the many sources of our modern cultures. Serving the Bay Area since 1983, our diverse lecture/performance series illuminates people and places at the intersections of history, fine art, the performing arts, social history, politics, and philosophy of the arts. Our unique multidisciplinary approach is designed to entertain and educate the intellectually curious, whether you are an arts lover, scholar, student, travel buff, or life-long learner.

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