An Historic San Francisco Venue

Here's a listing of upcoming events at Marines' Memorial Theatre:


January 9-26, 2020

The 19th SF Sketchfest

20+ shows at
Marines' Memorial!

1/22 Wed 8:00 PM
Desi Comedy Fest

1/23 Thu 8:00 PM
Tribute to Phoebe Robinson

1/24 Fri 7:30 PM & 10:00 PM
Improvised Shakespeare Company

1/25 Sat 1:00 PM
"Pinky and The Brain" 25th Anniversary

1/25 Sat 4:00 PM
The Endless Honeymoon Podcast

1/25 Sat 7:30 PM
Improvised Shakespeare Company

1/25 Sat 10:00 PM
Futurama Gets Knocked Up a Notch

1/26 Sun 7:30 PM
Bill Frisell's HARMONY

2/1 Sat 8pm

Scrubbing In Live!
With Becca Tilley & Tanya Rad

2/6 Thu 7:30pm
Humanities West:
Greenberg Among Friends:
2/7 Fri 8pm Pavlo in Concert

2/21 Fri 8pm
2/22 Sat 4pm, 8pm

Robert Dubac's Idiocracy

2/28 Fri 7:30pm
2/29 Sat 10am
Humanities West:
Etruscan Italy: Life and Afterlife

3/14 Sat 5pm
Laasya 2020

3/19 Thu 8pm
Chris Fleming
3/20 Fri 8pm
3/21 Fri 4pm & 8pm

Men Are From Mars,
Women Are From Venus-LIVE!

3/26 Thu 8pm
Ross Mathews "Name Drop" Book Tour

April 11-25, 2020
Saturdays 8pm,
Sundays 3pm

African-American Shakespeare
Company presents
Private Lives

5/1 Fri 7:30pm
5/2 Sat 10am
Humanities West:
Artistic Responses to Napolean:
Beethoven, Goya and Goethe

    5/9 Sat 8pm
Watch What Crappens