An Historic San Francisco Venue

Here's a listing of upcoming events at Marines' Memorial Theatre:

7/22 Sun 7pm
The Joe Budden
Podcast with
Rory and Mal

8/2 Thu 6:30pm
Sean Spicer:
The Briefing

8/19 Sun 7pm
Desi Comedy
Fest 2018

8/21 Tue 8pm
Colin Jost

9/5 Wed 6:30pm
Steven Pinker:
Enlightenment Now

9/14 Fri 7:30pm
Steven Curtis
Chapman Solo

9/18 Tue 6:30pm
DeRay Mckesson:
On the Other Side
of Freedom

10/4 Thu 6pm
Honor Our Fallen

10/19 Fri 7:30pm
Stuff You Missed
in History Class

Their new season
starts Nov 3rd
Humanities West
2018-2019 Season

Dec 7-9
Opera Parallele:
The Little Prince