An Historic San Francisco Venue

Here's a listing of upcoming events at Marines' Memorial Theatre:

8/31 Sat 7pm
Late Nite Catechism

9/1 Sun 7:30pm
The Jimmy Dore Show Live

9/6 Fri 8pm
9/7 Sat 8pm
Laura Esserman Presents
Audacity 2.0

9/14 Sat 7pm
Contemporary Assyrian
Folk Concert

9/16 Mon 7:30pm
One Night Only Cabaret
with cast members
of Hamilton

9/17 Tue 5:30pm

GPS Lecture Series: 
General Jim Mattis, USMC (Ret)
& 26th U.S. Secretary of Defense

10/5 Sat 9pm

Tom Cavalcante

10/12 Sat 8pm
10/13 Sun 3pm
African-American Shakespeare
Company's Othello

10/15 Tue 6:30pm
Susan Rice: Politics, Diplomacy
And Things Worth Fighting For

10/16 Wed 6:30pm
Eve Rodsky:
Playing Fair at Home

10/18 Fri 6:30pm
Deepak Chopra:
Metahuman and Unleashing
Your Infinite Potential

10/19 Sat 8pm
10/20 Sun 3pm
African-American Shakespeare
Company's Othello

10/22 Tue 6:30pm
Every Outfit on Sex and the City

10/25 Fri 8pm
Cristela Alonzo:
My Affordable Care Act

10/26 Sat 8pm
10/27 Sun 3pm
African-American Shakespeare
Company's Othello

10/30 Wed 9pm

Adriana Calcanhotto - Margem

11/1 Fri 7:30pm
11/2 Sat 10am
Humanities West:
Mexico's Artistic Revolution

11/16 Sat 6pm

244th Marine Corps
Birthday Ball

11/23 Sat 7:30pm

Pete Correale: For Pete's Sake

2/6 Thu 7:30pm
Humanities West:
Greenberg Among Friends:

2/28 Fri 7:30pm
2/29 Sat 10am
Humanities West:
Etruscan Italy: Life and Afterlife

5/1 Fri 7:30pm
5/2 Sat 10am
Humanities West:
Artistic Responses to Napolean:
Beethoven, Goya and Goethe