An Historic San Francisco Venue

Here's a listing of upcoming events at Marines' Memorial Theatre:

11/9 Sat 10am
One Day University: 
Are the Machines Taking Over?

11/16 Sat 6pm

244th Marine Corps
Birthday Ball

11/19 Tue 7pm
Lindy West:
The Witches Are Coming

11/21 Thu 6:30pm

Malcolm Nance:
The Plot to Betray America

11/23 Sat 7:30pm

Pete Correale: For Pete's Sake

12/7 Sat 7:30pm
The Friend Zone Live!

12/9 Mon 7:30pm
Help is on the Way
for the Holidays XVIII

12/12 Thu 6:30pm
An Evening with
Michael Eric Dyson

12/13 Fri 7:30pm
Vera Polozkova:
Poetry Concert

2/6 Thu 7:30pm
Humanities West:
Greenberg Among Friends:

2/7 Fri 8pm
Pavlo in Concert

2/21 Fri 8pm
2/22 Sat 4pm, 8pm

Robert Dubac's Idiocracy

2/28 Fri 7:30pm
2/29 Sat 10am
Humanities West:
Etruscan Italy: Life and Afterlife
3/20 Fri 8pm
3/21 Fri 4pm & 8pm

Men Are From Mars,
Women Are From Venus-LIVE!

5/1 Fri 7:30pm
5/2 Sat 10am
Humanities West:
Artistic Responses to Napolean:
Beethoven, Goya and Goethe